Progress Report September 07: Choosing The Right Typeface

By Fridays my creativity is spent for the week, so I do busywork to stay productive. I spent about 4 hours figuring out the right combination of typefaces. It sent me down a rabbit hole. I had been using Sentinel and Ideal Sans for years, so I started at Hoefler fonts. Then headed over to Typekit, then I asked myself the question “What typefaces to the major publications use? They must know a thing or two about how to do readable typography for use on screens.” That led me to learn about a whole niche industry of expensive typefaces like Lyon Pro, Pensum, GT America, Domaine, etc.

That’s cool and all, but I don’t intend to drop $1500 on typefaces right now. So I settled on PT Serif for body text, and Freight Sans for Headers. This is a combo that is excellent for reading longform text, while using Freight Sans for the headers gives the site a vibe that’s modern but not too playful or trendy.

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