Progress Report September 10: Thinking About Scale

When building this out, I’m not just thinking about what I can ship tomorrow. I’m thinking about where this can go in 1-3 years, and how the pieces I put into place can fit together and grow and scale.

That’s a big reason why I spent so much time finding exactly the right tech stack. It’s why I also spent all day yesterday thinking about how I would pay out royalties to vendors.

However, as fun as this type of thinking is, it can turn into a form of procrastination and mental masturbation if you’re not careful. I ended up going down this rabbit hole of how I would split royalties of a membership fee among vendors whose courses are being watched on the platform. I started feeling overwhelmed and confused by my own thinking.

Today I had a great conversation with one of my best friends, Oliver Backe. It helped me restructure my pricing model and refocus on what the essential offerings are that I will be launching with.

I then spent some time looking into potential logos. I’ve got some good ideas going. I’m excited

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