Progress Report September 09: Working with Vendors

This weekend I had some rest and unstructured time. All I did was spend some time thinking about how it could work if I let other content authors add their courses to my platform. How would payments work? How would the course-creation flow work?

Thoughts like this usually start with a rough idea of what the feature should be able to do, and then I start thinking about how to do it within the tech stack that I chose.

I first started looking at how to handle payments to vendors. That’s very easily doable with PayPal Mass Payments.

I then wondered about what’s the fairest way of sharing revenue. I came up with a solution I’m really happy with: 50/50 revenue split on any course bought on our platform through organic search. 90/10 revenue split on revenue generated through TAD’s marketing efforts. 10/90 revenue split for revenue generated through the vendor’s marketing efforts.

But now I had other problems to solve: How do I let vendors create their own courses? They need to be able to upload their own videos. How do I do that? Where do I store them?


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