Progress Report September 06: Working On The Product Pages

I worked on the product pages today. I also worked quite a bit on the visual design of the site: I updated all the typography and am settling on some color schemes. After weeks of research and coding, switching to some visual design makes the project feel more “real” and “presentable”.

Regarding the product pages, what I really want is for there to be one single place where people go to view information about a course, and purchase a course. I don’t want a sales page, which then goes to a product page. There might be sales pages later for affiliates, but for now, I want one single source of truth for each content item.

This was a little harder to do than anticipated with the tools at my disposal. The WooCommerce default template shows the product reviews in a second tab, rather than below the product description. There’s no plugin to fix that, so I had to browse around StackOverflow and find the appropriate solution. 

It works now, though not exactly how I’d like it. I wanted to have a blank slate for the product pages, and build them however I like. Right now, the product tabs are something I can’t remove from the single-product.php file without it crashing the site. So I can edit everything inside the “description” tab, but there will still be a “description” tab. I’m sure there’s a way to fix this.

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