Progress Report September 05: Choosing a Tech Stack for Memberships & Subscriptions

I spent most of my time figuring out the memberships + subscriptions functionality today.

What I want to do is give people the option of buying a course as a one-off, but also give them the option of signing up for a membership that gives them all access.

This turns out to be a bit more complicated than I predicted it would be. I spent the last two weeks before this progress report just sifting through all the possible wordpress membership plugins, to find the one that best integrates with the LMS system I’ve chosen.

My first choice was MemberPress, but it was incredibly clunky.

I looked at Paid Memberships Pro, but the website already looked so terrible, I didn’t even bother.

I gave Restrict Content Pro a try, but you can only restrict content EITHER based on a subscription, OR a one-off purchase.

I never considered WooCommerce, because I remembered it from almost a decade ago when it was clunky and slow. Finally, after trying everything else, I gave WooCommerce another go, and wow, it’s exactly what I need. Still a little clunky, but you can tell they’ve done the best job you can possibly do with this type of functionality within a web-based interface. Really happy with it.

I have the membership and subscription set up in the backend, but I still need to run a few more tests and map out the entire flow. I want people to sign up for the membership and immediately be taken to a member’s welcome page. I also want them to not be able to purchase a course again if they already have access to it via the membership.

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