Progress Report: September 03, 2018 and before

I spent the last three to four weeks figuring out the right tech stack for this project. There’s so many ways you can skin this.

I’ve been using WordPress for years, but when I opened up WordPress and started fiddling with this, I realized how bloated the WP Ecosystem has become and I really didn’t want to deal with it.

There’s great platforms out there like Teachable and Kajabi, where I can just launch right away and focus on nothing but the content. But they lack flexibility and cost lots of money.

If I just wanted to have a simple place to host courses, I could use a platform like that. But I have much bigger plans, and in order to accomplish those, I need full control of a platform that has the flexibility to scale with me.

….that’s what I kept telling myself. But as I noticed how much work it really was to set all of this up in WordPress, and how it’s much more complicated than any project I’ve ever tackled before on this platform, I kept asking myself “Am I really making the right decision here?”

What helped me finally make a final decision was two things:

  1. I put a timeline to it — how long would it realistically take for me to build the essential tech stack out in WordPress? I realized that it’d only take me another 2-3 weeks. That’s not long at all! And in exchange I save thousands of dollars a year and have a platform I know can do everything I want it to do
  2. I have so much accumulated knowledge about the WordPress platform from my 11 years of using it. I know exactly what the best plugins are, and how to best set up a WP site for optimum performance. It’s still one of the most popular platforms, so it’s not like I’m skilled at something that will become obsolete. It’d be a waste to throw all of that skillset away in exchange for something that’s more expensive and less powerful.

The Tech Stack I settled on is

  • LearnDash for the courses
  • Vimeo Pro for video hosting
  • WooCommerce for sales & membership functionality
  • Digital Ocean for website hosting



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