Progress Report 9/26: Shifting Focus & Mindset to Content Creation

Big milestone bitches. 60 man-hours and 500 lines of custom CSS later, I’ve finally gotten the entire site to a consistent and high-quality baseline of visual design. Fuckin fuck yeah. I’m so happy. Man, the job board was such a bitch. I had to go into the PHP templates and rewrite them to add and remove form fields.

Of course it can always be tweaked and improved, but everything is at a good baseline now. Nothing looks out of place or as if I had neglected it.

So now I have a fully functioning platform that can handle online courses, blog posts, videos, podcasts, memberships, and eCommerce, and collects advanced user analytics. It only took about 8 weeks, if you don’t count the 12 years of accumulated knowledge about WordPress, design, marketing, HTML, CSS and PHP.

That’s nice, but the Truth About Design(TM) is that if no one knows about your product, you don’t actually have a product. All the work I’ve done so far, took me from minus 100 to zero. Creating content, marketing it effectively and building productive partnerships is what will take me from zero to one.

This requires a shift in thinking. The last few months I’ve been Jamal the Nerd — doing research, writing code, fiddling with plugins, playing with visual design. Now I have to switch to Jamal the Brand again — that external-facing guy from the videos you see. I have to think about what content I want to write about, what courses I want to make, and how to make people aware of what I’ve got.

Lately my fear and doubt have given way to excitement and anticipation. There is a real need for what I’m doing, and I think it will change (a very tiny portion of) the world.

Making such a dramatic shift in context from design and code to content marketing gets harder as you age, so I’m gonna take a few days off. Peace out.

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