Progress Report 9/25: Zeroing In On Visual Design

Spent the last few days nailing down visual design.

I have a color palette now:

It’s been a real bitch to trickle down all the design elements onto all pages. WordPress is getting better at creating no-code pages, but I’ve still had to write a few hundred lines of CSS to get everything looking consistent.

I was planning to have this done last weekend, but it all took longer, as usual. I’m almost 100% sure I’ll have it done by Friday, though. Then I can take a well-deserved break this weekend while I shift my thinking to the content and marketing pipeline.

I also added a review plugin that I think is pretty cool and will be very useful. Let’s see how it looks:

How well did I do between now and last progress report

Pretty good
I wish I had been able to finish it by last weekend, but I'm moving as fast as humanly possible.

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