Progress Report 9/18: Nailing down visual design templates

As you can see, I’ve gotten a basic version of the visual design down. I’m happy with the color choices, the typography, and the visual elements. It’s a nice foundation that you can build and expand upon.

It took a lot of time to get the WooCommerce product templates done. It involved quite a bit of custom coding.

And with that….the easy part is done and the hart part begins: Creating lots of content on a consistent basis, and promoting the shit out of that content. I’m more than a little nervous. But I know it’s going to do really well when it’s done. I have so many ideas for courses, blog posts and videos, I’ve figured out the most effective way of creating a lot of content, and I know exactly how and where to promote it. Quality tends to rise to the top and I know what I have in mind is greatness. So I just need to manage my emotions and keep going.

It’s helped a lot that I stopped dating, barely go out, and am not in a romantic relationship right now. I have a lot of free time right now, and that free time is not only necessary in terms of hours put in, but because it takes a lot of mental energy to overcome those voices in your head telling you that you and everything you’re working on is worthless. It’s hard to do new things and form new habits and it gets harder as you age. I couldn’t do that if I was also going on three dates a week or out partying 2-3 nights a week and hungover the next day.

The payoff will be worth it.

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