Progress Report 9/13: Thinking About Content Production Pipelines

With the technical side of the platform done, and the visual design being a thing of 3-5 days max, I’ve spent some time today thinking about how to efficiently produce lots of content. The courses I’ve filmed so far took me an unbelievably long time to produce. I can still have that high production value for my courses, but I also intend to have a video for each blog post I write. If I want to be able to do that, I need to reduce production value without reducing the quality by much.
I analyzed the entire course production process and looked at what takes the longest:

  • Setting up video gear and lighting
  • Video editing of multiple sources of footage together into one whole

The obvious solution is to just film the shorter blog-based videos from my iPhone. But you don’t get great audio from your iPhone. Having excellent audio quality is a must when you are recording video. If you have a great looking picture but it sounds like you are speaking through a tin can, it diminishes the credibility of what you have to say.
So I researched iPhone mics and found something even better than a mic: an audio interface that plugs into my iPhone and lets me use my current (excellent) mic.

Focusrise iSolo Lightning

Super pumped about this. Between this and it being time for an iPhone upgrade(I’m still on the 7 Plus and that X Max looks really good), I’ll be able to bring really high quality video content with very little time spent.

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