UX Career Toolkit Pt 0: Learn The Fundamentals of UX Design

The definitive intro course on UX Design

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Product Description

What You'll Learn:

  • What UX design is and why it’s important
  • Core principles and methods of UX design
  • The traits of a good UX designer

Who this is for:

  • New UX Designers looking to expand on their skillset
  • Potential career changers who are thinking of transitioning into UX
  • Anyone working with designers who wants to better understand what UX design is and how it is practiced
  • No prior knowledge required

Don't be intimidated by UX!

User Experience, or UX, is one of the fastest growing and highest paying professions around. Whether you’re a seasoned designer, or just looking to speak the language of your colleagues or clients, the principles of UX design help you better connect with the users of your product or service. In this beginner class, industry expert Jamal Nichols will explain what UX is and how to incorporate it into your work to create more meaningful experiences. Designers tend to focus on how things look, when the focus should equally be on how things work.

Don’t be intimidated when you see the term UX! By the end of this class you’ll feel confident and empowered to decide if UX is the right career choice for you.

Course length:
148 minutes of 1080p HD video

Additional materials:

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3 reviews for UX Career Toolkit Pt 0: Learn The Fundamentals of UX Design

  1. Calvin Ryan

    Great course, very honest and a great sense of humor

  2. Dorothy Henry

    I\’m a veteran in the UX industry, so I didn\’t learn anything new, but I loved the way Jamal talked about concepts that are familiar to me. He has a way with words and an ability to elucidate concepts.

  3. Max Turner

    This course was amazing! I recently started working as a product manager and was feeling like I need to know more about UX to better work with my designers. This course helped get me up to speed quickly.

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