About Us / Our Story

About Us / Our Story

The design industry is suffering right now. Every year, 5-10.000 new designers are coming out of various schools and boot camps, with no real guidance on how to perform in the real world. 

There’s a lot of new information out on the internet about what design is, and how to practice it. As an outsider, you have no idea who to listen to. You don’t know enough yet to be able to tell the bad from the good.

Unfortunately, the people who know the least are often the ones that talk the most. Hence you have people with very little experience saturating the market, telling people with no experience how to do design and what the industry is like — and that’s how bad information spreads. 

Most of the designers that are truly worth listening to are either too busy working or are simply not the types that want to spend time talking, writing and sharing knowledge (Here’s an incomplete list of designers worth listening to).

Since 2016 I’ve been teaching design professionally around the world, to rave reviews. Every time I deliver a talk, afterward students come up to me and tell me “Jamal, thank you so much for telling the truth about the industry.” In a world filled with fake news and photoshopped Instagram feeds showing nothing but smiles and good times, people are craving authenticity. 

Design is the only thing I’m good at and one of the few things I truly care about. Truth About Design is the platform to mentor the new generation of designers, give the best design educators a voice, and push the industry forward. You’ll find no fluff here, only truth.

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